SC_PIXEL_MODE + Vesa + pfSense Kernel - Recompile How? Source code where?

  • 2.0 RC (Snapshot)

    I want to get vesa or anything similar working so I can have a higher resolution on my firewall laptop then 640x480.

    To get vesa working the kernel needs the option SC_PIXEL_MODE.  I have be asking and trying to figure out how to either compile my own kernel, or find a different way to get SC_PIXEL_MODE in the kernel.

    Cant I just get the pfSense code and recompile the kernel with this in it?  How do I do that?

    From what I have read is that the pfSense kernel is custom (has custom code in it) is this right or is it just the standard FreeBSD kernel?

    I was looking at the above link.  Originally I thought that by following the directions above I would come out with a working developer pfsense system.  I think I am wrong.  That is the above link just creates a system that can generate ISOs right?  Is above what I need to do?  If so can I do this in vmware to make i386 images?



  • No one can help me with this at all?

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