Intel PRO/1000 GT PCI Adapters

  • I have three Intel PRO/1000 GT PCI Adapters in my machine.  In my previous machine, a Pentium D box, they would flash a message during boot up about PXE boot.  However, with my new machine, an i3, there's no message.  Anybody know if this is a because of the newer motherboard, or is something up with the card?

    When I plug in to the card, I get link lights, but pfSense doesn't seem to recognize it.  Where can I check that the cards are being properly set up?

    I'm running 2.0 RC3.

  • have you gone into the BIOS and made sure that is enabled?

  • If you can assign those interfaces, then those are installed right.
    and you disable that pxe message on boot after bios screen by pressing ctrl-s, maybe you can also enable that same way.

  • Had to play card roulette with them in order to get pfSense to recognize them.  Got all three to show up.  Still no message, though.

    However, for some reason, my i3 has maxed out a core.  It says {irq16: em1 ehci0} is the reason.  Any ideas why that would be happening?

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