IChat Configuration Issues.

  • Okay.  New to the board, but I've been running a pfSense box for a little under 6 months.  Recently had to do a re-build, and now cannot get iChat to work save my life.  I am an avid Mac user (won't change), and use iChat for many different things (talking to wife while away, talking to family, etc).  My issue is, I cannot seem to get the pfSense NAT/Firewall to work with it.

    I'm running 1.2.3 Release (if I need to upgrade, I will), and have the Advanced Outbound NAT rule with the Static option selected.
    I have also gone into the Firewall rules and created the different rules for the different ports used by iChat (Found on Apple's website).
    So I'm deeply confused.  As far as I can remember, this is exactly what I did to make it work last time.  Now it won't connect.  Any help?

    Here is a screenshot of my log.  Don't mind the black lines.


  • Nobody?  ???

  • I'm currently using 2.0rc3.

    So this advice is "tailored" for 2.0 try to convert it to 1.2.3 if needed any adjusting.

    1. Create port alias

    • add there these ports: 5060, 5190, 5220, 5222, 5223, 5297, 5298, 5353, 5678, 16384-16403(awful lot of ports at my point of view)
      2. Create a rule on wan
    • pass tcp/udp source any source port any destination wan-address(or use portforwards to get interenal addresses) destination port your newly created alias gateway any logging none
      3. Apply changes and try

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