Need some direction.

  • Hello, im new to firewall setus and i was just hoping to get some direction. This isnt a "Write me a how to" merely a "point me towards what im looking for" post. I know what i want but i cant put it to words. Essentially i want to set up Squid for proxy and local caching. A DMZ is another thing id like to set up. A Wireless access point port to plug in a wifi router thats set to AP mode. The other firewall stuff i know pretty well. Just need some direction on those 3 requests.

    1. Squid - see the packages forum, which is the best place to ask Squid related questions
    2. DMZ - that's just another firewall interface with the rules that suit you
    3. WiFi AP - nothing special, just plug it in ;)

    If you search the forum you'll find a few threads on each of these.

  • Thanks :)

    After i figure all this out im shooting for OpenVPN and RADIUS stuffs. Thats easily searched though.

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