Wireless Access Point for : PFSense 1.2.1?

  • Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have any idea?

    What we have is a computer which has been configured as a router which is running pfsense 1.2.1.

    The computer doesn’t have wireless function. The question is what other hardware product do we need if we wish to make it a wireless router and also if we need to upgrade pfsense 1.2.1 to any other newer version.

    So is it best to get a wireless access point? Or is there a better method?

    Also any recomended products?  (For use in Australia btw).


  • I haven't tested 2.0 yet, but as far as i have read, the support for wireless chipsets is alot better in 2.0-RC3 compared to 1.2.3. Running a Ralink-based in my 1.2.3-installation right now and it's working, but if i was going to invest in a wireless card to add to Pfsense, i would upgrade to 2.0-RC3.

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    There is quite a range of wireless NICs that work with pfSense, though not as big as the range of NICs which work with Linux. I have been interested only in wireless NICs that work as Access Points. I've had good results with

    PCI: TP-Link TL-WN651G
    USB: Tenda W311U and TP-Link TL-WN321G

    At this stage wireless "N" features are not supported though soma cards which are "N capable" are supported.

    Wallabybob is in the Gold Coast so presumably bought those in Australia.
    You should upgrade to 1.2.3 at least.


  • I can't comment on Wireless NIC's but I run 2.0 RC3 with a Netgear WG602 access point on OPT1, it works perfectly and was very simple to configure. :)

  • a couple of questions to ask first,
    if you want to install a wifi nic in the machine.
    were is the machine located is it possible for the wifi card to make a good bradcast signal to the farthest point
    and how much interference is going to be created by other equipment

    if you can add another nic and off this card hook a wireless access point with a strong antenna
    also if you need to change equipment down the road easier to change the access point than reconfiguring
    your pfsense box
    just some ideas

  • Well you can pick up a Linksys WRT54G (or WRT54G2) router on the cheap and run dd-wrt. That'll be a $10 solution.

    Or for about $20US you can pick up a Cisco AIR-PI21AG-A-K9 802.11G PCI Wireless Adapter on eBay - not sure if its compatable with your version but it worked for me on 123 and on 2.0.

    Those little Cisco adapters are cheap and really good in my (limited) experience.

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