Captive portal blocked MAC AFTER changing settings

  • Hello,

    Today I noticed 1-st time that adding new MAC address to Pass-through list caused another to be blocked, even both were on the list.
    My list had 25 entries in MAC passthrough, I added 26 manual entry and noticed that first MAC on the list has been blocked.
    I mean: it was on the list, but I logged to that station, opened browser and.. pfSense Captive Portal appeared!
    I had to re-save settings for this fist MAC to be allowed again.
    I'm using 2.0-RC3 (i386) built on Thu Aug 18 18:44:11 EDT 2011 at this site.

    any ideas?

  • Can you reproduce this easily since i cannot?

  • Yes, I can reproduce this without problem.

    Just adding 26 entry causes 1st to be blocked.
    Adding another one (27) will not block 1st entry.
    All MACs are unique.

    but it seems it happends from time to time, now I've added 3 new different MACs one by one and still can connect from that station.

    I guess something wrong with save settings for this panel?

    Another UPDATE:
    I've just deleted my MAC from the list, added again using login/password on Captive Portal.
    So result was like screen2 and I was able to open website from this MAC.
    However, then I've changed description and it blocked me - screen3. Captive Portal appeared in browser.
    So MAC was still on the list, but i was blocked anyway. I had to save settings again for this MAC.

  • Does anyone even noticed it?

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