Replacing an ALIX 2D3

  • I've been running PFsense on an ALIX 2D3, but since the v2 Betas it became more and more unstable. To the point where it would die after 2-3hrs. I put m0n0wall on it, which worked better but would die after 14hrs or so. Now I am looking at a replacement for this and have narrowed my choices to:

    Buy another ALIX
    Replace with a Routerboard RB450G
    Replace with an Atom or E350

    What I am looking for is gigabit, a little more poke which would allow me to route 50mb down with QOS and Snort and a passively cooled, low power box. Not sure if I want to run m0n0wall or PFsense as m0n0wall seemed a little faster on the ALIX. I know nothing about the performance of Routerboard products, so I don't know how the RB450G would compare to the ALIX or Atom/E350

  • @VaKo:

    Replace with a Routerboard RB450G

    Does it have a x86 CPU?

  • Nope. It's MIPS so it ain't gonna work.

  • I was curious how RouterOS compared to PFsense mainly. What I'm after is something which doesn't use as much power as an Atom board, but with a little more power than an ALIX so it can do gigabit.

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