Traffic shaping traffic_shaper_wizard.xml 2.0 help

  • I've been reading for almost an hour and haven't been able to find/understand the following (please help me understand):

    After running the Traffic shaping wizard traffic_shaper_wizard.xml, I get just one parent Queue for the WAN set to the upload limit I told the wizard.
    Do I need to create a copy for the LAN and set the download limit?
    I understand that we can really only do QoS on outgoing as you can't control the internet - but - doesn't the incoming QoS provide you with a means of limiting how fast a piece of software can download?

    For example: I would like to ensure there is always download space for VoIP traffic.  The wizard works fine for outgoing (or appears to) but now sure about incoming.

    Some help/guidance would be appriciated (i.e. how would you setup a VoIP traffic shaping queue on WAN and LAN)?

  • Update your snapshot.

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