Some suggestions to packages that should be included.

  • Well let's start

    I got no knowledge whatso ever about Free bsd or bsd, I'm only using ubuntu as linux for desktop, so i wasnt able to even compile or install anything in pfsense( which i doesnt know is possible)

    Well, it should be a option to have gcc and other packages, well thats not very important.

    But, sshd filter get it in.

    Should strenghten pfsense security alot :)

    And pfsense should have an option to have lotsa packages that is usual to have on a desktop computer, not like games or that kind of packages, packages for installing… or exist in a strange command, i didnt find any bsd books in libary here in norway, or no ebooks on internet =/

  • You can install packages from the ports collection (see,3881.msg23723.html#msg23723 ) but we don't recommend it nor do we support it. pfSense is a firewall and should not run desktop like applications.