Virtual IP (Proxy IP) associating to wrong interface

  • I have two gateways and use Gateway groups etc
    I just started to migrate some NAT from my older firewall - it has some virtual IPs. So I created a Proxy IP in the subnet of OPT2 - my second gateway to an SDSL, just as I have successfully done and used on pfsense 1.2.x.

    Now when I make a NAT and choose the PARP IP address - it creates the related firewall rule on the WAN interface. Even though I created that proxy IP address and specified OPT2. I have duplicated all this and same result. If thats not a bug then I don't know what is - I report it here because I assume I am not allowed to make bug reports until I go via the Forum.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    When you created the NAT rules, what interface did you choose there?

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