IPSEC VPN throughput calculation

  • Hello All,

    pfSense 1.2.3 RELEASE

    Have been running pfSense for over a year now( at two buildings) and working great for our school's needs!
    I am trying to calculate what we are actually getting for realistic throughput through the IPSEC VPN connection betwteen our two school buildgins,,with each having a pfSense box,,,running as the border firewall.
    Each machine is a cast off p4 2.4 GHZ with 2GB ram,,and IDE hard drives.
    From what i can tell by the RRD graphs,,the most throughput we have gotten between bulidings is about 100kb's?
    Each building is supplied by a consistant 3.5 MB connection.
    Shouldnt i be seeing close to this 3.5 throughput between the two buildings from a server at one building to a server at the other building doing a 10 mb file transfer?
    I am going to run JPerf in the next couple of days,,and see what it is showing for throughput on a 10MB file transfer.
    Does anyone have any insight as to why the RRD graphs only shows about 100 k/b's max?
    The other RRD graphs for WAN and LAN do appear to be showing the correct amounts of possible max throughput.


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