Custom ports, scheduled shaping, traffic logging and other

  • Hello,

    1.At Home I have cable line with 10240kbps down and 2048kbps up at day and double download speed at night with very low latency times. Now traffic shaper is set just to 20Mbit for download all day, can be this scheduled? 10Mbits at day, 20Mbits at night? Causes latency to be 300ms instead of 10-20ms at high load..

    2.At home. I would like to add some custom UDP/TCP ports to traffic shaper. I see disconnections in my game on custom port TCP 7777, I would like to add it to games queue with low latency and high priority. There is no such option in traffic shaper wizard. Standard ports like HTTPS and HTTPS works just fine.
    This happends even if no heavy load.

    3.At work. I have pfSense box connected to Debian server, it is encrypted OpenVPN channel between two separate buildings. VPN works over WAN, but uses internal ISP LAN. If I enable traffic shaper for WAN connection speed (320/128 VERY low rates from this ISP) it will drop speed for VPN from about 2MB/s (limited by CPUs in one of servers) to 200kB/s. Disconnections occur.

    4.I would like log all connections estabilished and closed from the LAN to file or database, including date and time, IP and MAC address, can I somehow?
    I used tcpdump before.


  • You can schedule floating and regular rules, so it is possible to do what you want.  But you will need to customize the queues quite a bit.

    You might want to take a look at the Dummynet pipes instead, called limiters in pfsense.  Those will be simpler to schedule since you can just change the default allow all rule to send to the limiter, on a certain schedule.

  • can You give me some more details?
    Do You mean: create few pipes for specifict traffic:

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