Understanding DHCP

  • Friends, the pfSense's DHCP has the option to create the scope and also to assign fixed IP to each through the MAC.

    The ranger DHCP created on top of the screen, interacts with the bottom part where we put IP and MAC Description? Or one is independent of the other?

    For example, if I disable the DHCP scope, but at the bottom of the configuration screen I put an IP address and a MAC, the MAC machine on which it belongs will get this IP?

    Thank you!

  • If you're talking about adding static IPs in Services->DHCP Server, you need to uncheck "Enable DHCP server on LAN interface". Static IPs are static; they won't change. Having DHCP server enabled permits PfSense to dynamically allocate IP addresses meaning that they could change at any time. When you uncheck "Enable DHCP server…" the range given will grey-out so you can't click in there. This indicates that that range is no longer applicable to your setup. If you're talking about the message that pops up when you go to Services->DHCP Server, that just means that you must have a static LAN address which you already should have. If not, go to Interfaces->LAN and give it an address.

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