PfSense 2.0 doesn't hold USB wifi dongle configurations - fails at reboot

  • Hi everyone,

    I have setup a USB wifi dongle and it works great. However, whenver I reboot pfsense 2.0 (running on an Alix board), it gets stuck and never starts the DHCP server or other services. So, I connected my serial cable and found that it's asking for me to Auto-configure the ports. I had to do WAN and LAN again and then redo all my Wifi settings again.

    I tested this over and over. With proper shutdown, proper reboot it still forges the settings of the wifi dongle. Also the wifi dongle is not found if it's connected as the router reboots. It only works if I plug it in after the router fully booted.

    So, I think pfSense sees this as a NIC port removed while it's not removed. Probably because the driver for wifi is not loading at the beginning or before pfsense checks for ports?

    Any clue?


  • Rebel Alliance

    Have you added the needed option at the "loader.conf.local " ?

  • @ptt:

    Have you added the needed option at the "loader.conf.local " ?

    If your WiFi dongle has FreeBSD device name like run0 then you need to add the line


    to /boot/loader.conf.local so the firmware is available to the driver before the root filesystem is mounted.

  • I see. Thank you.

    I think this would be a really good feature to add to the UI or maybe enable it by default.

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