Several subnets into a single interface.

  • Guys, need to make a single LAN network card, plugged into a switch 3com, IP delivery for different grinding machines that may connect to the network, for example:

    Computers on the internal network, get the IP subnet
    Computers visitors entering the network, get the IP subnet

    Is there any way to do this? It would be a MAC address?

    This works beautifully in another proxy that the client had was a Linux Ubuntu, he had an eth0-1 / eth0-2 / eth0-3, Linux was sending the IP address according to the MAC table, that the same eth0, he could perceive only the virtual interface eth0 ( = 1, 2 -, 3 -

    The pfSense is virtualized, I tried using two NICs connected to the same vm_network, each virtual NIC with DHCP, put each IP address tied to the mac due, but sometimes the machines come in a network, sometimes on another network, I need a solution urgent for a client.

    I appreciate everyone's help!

  • Did I solve this with the new version of pfSense to RC3?
    Because I'm using the previous version, I downloaded at the beginning of last year.

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