I can not find Lightsquid! Help guys …

  • Good evening everyone, I'm new to pfSense is new to the forum …
    Tonight I wanted to configure a proxy with the function of collecting the data traffic carried by my client that I have in the home LAN.
    I followed a guide found on google that explains where to do this you need to install Squid first and then later Lightsquid.
    I went through the list of available packages up the menu and tried the package named squid. Installed, configured and working.
    I need to install Lightsquid to display the information I need.
    I go back into the menu and try Lightsquid this time the package but can not find!
    How is this possible? How can I fix?
    I rely on your counsel and your experience in the hope that the solution is simple (amministraotre are a network but do not know Linux, FreeBSD, etc. ..)

    Hoping to receive your answers,
    I greet you and thank you.


  • lightsquid will be in menu status not in services :)

  • Hello Mikesamo,

    Meanwhile, I thank you for your answer, you have been very kind.
    Listen, I did not understand but if LightSquid is already installed or install it.
    I followed these instructions: http://skear.hubpages.com/hub/How-to-setup-a-transparent-proxy-using-pfSense towards the end of the guide, where he speaks of "PROXY REPORTS". According to this guide should I install the package from the package manager LightSquid as I did for Squid.
    However, at this time are not home and I can reach my pfSense but this evening, upon returning, I'll try to do as you advise.

    For now, thank you.
    Good day!

  • check to enable log in squid services.

  • Hello Mike, nothing to do … I can not find the installer for LightSquid.
    Who can tell me how can I do? I have followed both the instructions you gave me but I can not help me ... please.

    Pending thank you

  • same problem here. Installed 2.0-RELEASE embedded, then installed squid package that is now running with no problems. Installer for Lightsquid is not found, cannot install.

    Is it not included with 2.0-RELEASE because of bugs?

  • I just installed it on two boxes lastnight… 2.0-Release, no problems..

    Might try it again..

    edit: I'm using x86, not sure if the package is available for x64.

  • Yes it's on the AMD64 build and installs fine on my systems. Not sure about the embedded build

  • It's not included in the package list used for the embedded images because of the writes needed to the CF card. Although i would have liked an option like "thanks for the warning, but install anyway". :)

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