Traffic sharper with alias or single IP

  • Hi

    I was to configure a Traffic sharper server. I use the last snapshot (today one) of Pfsense 2 rc3.

    If I configure a general rule for sharping it's work, but when I try to change the any bye a single host or alias, it's didn't work anymore. I try by making two rules:

    ID    Proto        Source            Port  Destination      Port  Gateway  Queue    Schedule    Description
            *              *                      *      Groupe1            *      *              q2Mo                        Client1              on interface Wan
            *              Groupe1          *      *                      *      *              q2Mo                        Client1              on interface Lan

    The q2Mo rule work find if I put * for source and destination and only one rule.

    Any idea about what's happened ? It's look a bug ? I hope than I make something wrong.



  • Hi again,

    It's look to they have a problem with the wizard and the Penalty Box, actually I don't have any queue who's maid by the wizard, just one in Firewall -> Rules -> Floating who refer to a queue who don't exist.
    in this rules I don't see the Alias or the Ip I put in the wizard.



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