Manual Outbound - OK, Inbound not so OK

  • Hi all,

    I have a pool of public IP's that I've set up in the LAN using Manual Outbound NAT, all seems to work AOK until I've tried to get some IPSEC and various other applications working inbound.

    I have a /29 subnet which the ISP gateway resides on and a /24 on the LAN for public IP's.

    When trace routing out it goes;


    When trace routing in to the Public IP I get;


    Shouldn't the way back be the same as the way out?

  • if pfsense wan and public ip differs, then not

  • Ok…I assumed disabling the NAT created would create a 1:1 route IN and OUT.

    The pfSense WAN is in the /29 subnet.

    ISP GW = 176.x.x.53
    PF WAN = 176.x.x.54

    LAN IP = 34.x.x.1/24

    Question is; How do I get it to have the same route in and out?

  • Lets start all over, what do want to achieve

  • I have 2 subnets a /29 where the ISP gateway resides and a separate /24 subnet for my clients.

    Basically I would like a DHCP server that hands out Public IP's that have a 1:1 route TO the internet and BACK.

    It is all working AOK at the mo apart from the way back.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Ok, now i got you but @ very same moment i drop myself out. I don't know how to do this with pfsense

  • Lead me up and let me down, thanks! :)

    Anyone else got any ideas?

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