Really Feels great

  • wow! feels great i'm Jr. Member
    waiting to post again in this thread after i become * Hero Member*
    can i find some information regarding this like , if post > 50 Jr. Member if post > 100 Hero member and so on…

  • Well you'll have to post a few times to become hero. somewhere near 600 posts is the limit.
    It would also good if there is a point of posting

  • hi Metu69salemi  thanks for info
    yes indeed it is really a good idea that user can assign a point after somebody assists to solve the problem.
    Also one button SOLVED so that user can mark the problem has been solved.
    mods and admins need to enable this feature if it exists.

  • Or in some forums you have reputition(thumbs up/down)

    but [SOLVED] is still manual labor of original poster

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