My PfSense Setup.

  • First I would like to thank the PfSense team for a great product.

    And also share my hardware setup.

    I have a virgin media "superhub" in modem mode connected to a neoware CA10 E100 Thin Client which runs PfSense. My connection is 30Mb/3Mb Which it handles no problem. I do not run snort or anything fancy as it wouldn’t be able to handle that.

    800Mhz Passively cooled VIA Nehmiah
    768MB of RAM (256 + 512)
    Onboard 10/100 NIC
    Intel Dual Port Pro 1000MT in the PCI Slot.
    2GB DOM
    W x H x D 50mmm x 290mm x 235mm

    Pic; sorry for bad quality, camera phone:

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