Rule Handling Changes?

  • I have a question towards some of the more knowledgeable pfSense team.  I understand this may not be the area and it should have been added under packages, but it is not an issue with the packages themselves, but with the way 2.0 is handling the requests.
    I had recently been having problems on any firewall I updated that had been running squid.  Originally I only needed the port 80 open into the lan interface for squid to forward the requests correctly through the transparent firewall.  I now have to add port 3128 to the accepted list on my lan rules for any web browsing to be possible.

    My question though, is that normal to have to set that up in the rules?  Was it a glitch before that I never had to add it?

  • I've noticed the same behind the built in load balancer relayd.  We've had to be more explicit with our rules starting about 2 weeks ago.

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