Is possible to disable squid GUI configurator

  • I'd prefer to configure squid package through squid.conf and not to use GUI.
    Does anybody knows if it's possible to disable squid entry from PFSense GUI?

    Thanks in advance,

  • The GUI controls a file called which builds the squid.conf at bootup and anytime a change is made.  I'm sure there would be a way to negate the effects of the file so that the GUI would not work and you could manage Squid via squid.conf.  You can manually edit the on a  standard pfsense system, however the GUI still works.

  • you can do the main configuration with the GUI and then add all other parameters in "custom options"

  • In this case i would simply remove the pfsense squid package and install the squidpackage with pkg_add -r packagename.

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