• I am very surprised (and very dissapointed) that ASSP is still not fixed.  I have no real use for the anti-spam features of ASSP, but I really wish PFSense had an SMTP Proxy.  I wish to block (remove) all *exe, *.pif, etc… files from incoming email, and as we stand, PFSense does not have an SMTP Proxy.

    The last post I could find about ASSP reported a problem with http vs https links, an issue that seemed very easy to resolve, but instead of resolving the issue, the package was removed completly.

    Is there an alternative to ASSP that is already implemented in PFSense?

  • Post  bounty if it is that valuable for you. Don't forget, you get this all for free and time doesn't grow on trees.

  • Its true, this is open source, its all about contributing