Low budget Router with NAS SVN and just one LAN Port

  • Hello,

    I just looking for some thoughts about my project. I am thinking about building my on pfSense router with the following Hardware.

    • Cheap Atom board with a 1 Gigabit LAN onboard card for about 50€. A 2 NIC board would cost 100€

    • 2 GB Ram

    • TL-SG2109WEB Managed GB switch (60€).

    • and a PCI WLAN card for building an Access point N standart (any recomendations?)

    What should it be capable of?

    • Routing a 6 mbit ADSL Internet connection (in the  Future maybe 100/10 mbit)

    • Firewalling

    • Firewalling

    • NAS Solution with encrypted HDD's

    • Storing SVN or GIT Repository

    • Downloading some stuff via Script from HTTP triggered by a CRON job.

    • There will be about 5 PC's Win and Linux (3/2)  and 2 Android smart phone's in the same Network

    • and up to 2 IPsec connections

    • Nice to have would be an Hudson CI Server for Java and Ruby

    What do you think? is it possible? Were could be problems?

  • for a start wireless n isn't going to work if think it to use as ap.
    get an external ap

  • Also you wont get much help hear mixing a NAS with a firewall I dont think. For secuirty reasons its best to have them sperated.

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