Is Alfa AWUS036NHR (REALTEK RTL8188RU) suported?

  • Is Alfa AWUS036NHR (REALTEK RTL8188RU)  suported?

    i wont to use it with pfsense.. is there a way if it isn't suported .. driver to be install ?


  • It doesn't look like there is any native support for that chipset in FreeBSD and RealTek don't currently supply drivers either.

    As such, I'd say you're (currently) out of luck.

  • so no way ? Where can i make request this chipset be supported in next version ?

  • You would have to raise a request against FreeBSD, which pfSense is based on. Be prepared to purchase and donate one of the network cards, and wait months for progress. You'll then have to wait for a version of pfSense that is based upon that underlying version of FreeBSD.

    As OpenBSD has some support for that chipset coming then it shouldn't be impossible.

    I'd suggest that you'd be better off buying a supported network card.

  • @Cry:

    I'd suggest that you'd be better off buying a supported network card.

    I've had good results with pfSense 2.0 snapshot builds and Tenda W311U and TP-Link WN321G. Both available retail from neighbourhood computer shop for well under the local equivalent of US$20.

    It appears the current revision of the WN321G uses a different chipset to the one in my revision but others apparently have the new revision working. One user has reported seeing panics on enabling the W311U but I haven't seen this problem.

    Both these devices support Access Point mode but a number of the other supported USB WiFi NICs don't support AP mode.

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