Range / List of IP for VPN

  • My customer has defined a LAN with as LAN. He wants IP based classification of VLAN. Is this possible in pfSense? I just see the screen asking for which LAN you need this VLAN and what is the description.

    How do I specify a range of IP to VLAN…. Any help or clues ?

  • The easiest way is to setup vlans from the webgui. Go to interfaces>assign, vlan tab. Create vlans on the desired physical interfaces. After you have done so continue to the interfaces assignment tab. Now add your just created vlans there as interface. They vlans will now appear everywhere in the webgui like if they were real interfaces and you can setup anything you want (firewallrules, dhcpserver,…).

  • Hi hoba,

    My question is something like this…

    My LAN is now I need VLAN as say Accounts.... Where will I specify that the IP's belonging to / 28 actually forms a part of Accounts VLAN....

    Hope my question is not confusing this time....

  • I think you will need to provide a small diagram with your setup….
    but read the info on this site http://www.firewall.cx/vlans-intro.php first

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