Bug in Snort?

  • Hi,

    I was testing pfsense 2 RC3 and I installed snort and the corresponding rules. After trying to configure the rules that I wanted to use, when I was pressing the 'x' button (to disable the corresponding rule), ALL the rules of the corresponding category vanished.

    I updated to the latest snapshot, and the problem remained.

    The same happened when I was trying to enable a rule using the same button.

    Finally, after a quick testing (i.e. I enabled the portscan preprocessor and I did a port scan), it seems to me that snort doesn't produced any alerts.

    I had also tried pfsense 2 RC1 (which was using a previous version of snort) and there weren't such problems.



  • Try updating the package again, it should be fixed.

  • I made a clean install. This time, when I go to download the rules, I get the error:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '}' in /usr/local/www/snort/snort_download_rules.php on line 481

  • Check the other thread.

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