Disabled Admin Account – Locked Out

  • I created a new user, assigned privileges, then disabled the admin account and now the user I created is not working.

    I tried to login several times with the wrong password and Web Admin blocked me at the firewall.

    I have SSH access for some reason: How can I fix the admin account and delete the firewall rule locking me out?


  • I did something very similar. I inadvertently set my non-functional LDAP server as the user authentication method… and now I'm locked out. Really need to get back in! Help!

  • What about SSH in and look (make a save copy and edit) /cf/conf/config.xml

    Find the key
    <auth_method>I have

    Change, save, reboot.</auth_method>

  • I JUST figured that out myself (by trial and error) and logged back in here to let everyone know. Thanks for posting this! If I hadn't been desperate enough to try something, you would have saved my life here.

    I learned also that to do it easier, you can just type "viconfig", which will load the config, and upon closing it will kill the cached config file, causing PFsense to reload the new config. Means you don't have to reboot.

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