Increase nanobsd size in 2.0rc2 - required due to lack of space

  • Hi
    We have an alix setup with a 4gb compact flash, however it was installed with the 512 img version of rc2.

    Currently storage is at 98%

    I'm aware you can resize the image from 512, but as a TOTAL (and indeed the rest of the company) Linux newbies with NO clue, can someone help us out with this problem, by either offering a definitive guide on how to do the resize etc. or indeed someone that could do this for us.

    As an FYI we are an independent game development studio working on a very well known brand, we will offer free games to the person that helps us, for life.

    thanks in advance

    Stewart Gilray
    CEO - Just Add Water (Developments) Ltd.

  • Howdy,
    Have you considered backing up current working config, installing the larger image then restoring your settings? Safest to do it on a 2nd CF drive though: pretty cheap insurance and to minimize down time to almost nothing. Granted I bet there are other ways including resizing the partitions but sometimes things are complicated more by over-thinking them. ;)

  • So after wrestling with it for a spell… It works!

    Thanks Bill... You play video games?

  • Woo cool beans!
    Nah I'm not into games but thanks though.

  • Gilrod,

    Just a word of caution. I've run into the same problem on 512 MB images and 1GB images as well. Depending on your uptime and how much as been written to logs, etc, the 1GB image is not a guaranteed safe workaround to this problem.

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