Interface vr0 (Wan) inaccessible on EPIA EK8000EG

  • Hi!
    I have a EPIA EK8000EG currently running the latest 2.0 snapshot (NanoBsd).
    The board has two integrated NIC's (vr0, vr1) (VT6107) and one PCI card (em0) (INTEL PRO/1000 GT).

    I use a single WAN setup with 4/4 mbit SDSL connection.
    Setup is:
    WAN: vr0
    OPT: vr1
    LAN: em0

    The problem is that random number of days after reboot, the WAN interface gets inaccessible. The thing is, I did see the same behaviour when runing 1.2.3 on this board. I guess it is HW/driver related and I need some help to troubleshhot this issue. So far neither the WebGui or the logs give any indication that something is wrong.

    The stauts of the WAN interface is up, but it is impossible to ping any external hosts from pfsense.

    Does anyone have experience of running pfsense from a VIA board with the VT6107 controller?
    Any suggestions which logs to search in for possible errors?
    Or any other troubleshooting tips?


  • Anything in the system log in the diagnostics tab? I run a VT6102 without any problems.

  • Not this time.
    I ssh'd into the box and looked in /var/log/system.log and found nothing suspicious.
    This time it happend after 36 hours so if I am "lucky" there is a new failure soon.

    I will forward the system log to a syslog server on my LAN since the embedded version of pfsense doesn't save many entries in the system log.

  • I finally got some useful logs when the issue occured.

    In the logs I see:
    Oct  2 03:17:03 apinger: ALARM: WANGW(193.xx.xx.x)  *** down ***

    But I don't know how to interpret this line.

  • Does your WAN link use PPPoE or DHCP?

    Can your provide some lines (say 10 to 20) from the system log BEFORE and after the apinger line you quoted?

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