Problems with apcupsd and/or nut

  • I'm running 1.2.3 and I tried installing the apcupsd (apcupsd-3.14.8_2.tbz), I got everything done but when I tried to start it the terminal gave me /libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "apcupsd". I have the ups connected to my media server that is also running apcupsd so this will be a remote connection from pfSense.  I could not figure out what package that is in so I could install it, so that's the first thing I want to know. The next thing is, with failing at that, I decided to install the nut package. Is there a way to connect to apcupsd with nut?


  • is not part of a package, its part of FreeBSD.
    It appears the package you are attempting to use is newer then
    FreeBSD 7.0-Release, which 1.2.3 is based off of.

    ls -al /usr/lib/libwrap.* will show you what files you have. You probably

    Using ln -s, you may be able to link to, and it
    may work. But it may also not work / melt your box / kill your cat…

    Otherwise, try installing the package for a 7.x variant (not sure when was introduced)

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