Apache server behind 2.0 - using NAT

  • Dear forum members,

    We are using the pfsense 2.0.RC3 behind a cable ISP network.
    At the LAN network we have made a (test) apache (winXP) server.
    We have to move in 30 days to a new network internaly, and this session is a test session for the pfsense application.

    For the configuration of the NAT tabel, I can find a lot of information for the 'older' build 1.2.3 but nothing for the 2.0.RC3
    We use another small application who will need ports 8001 - 8003 .. and that works fine.
    I have to make connection to the Apache server on LAN address
    I have made a NAT rule from WAN to the internal IP address.
    But what I will change .. I can not get reply from the apache server on the WAN connection.
    Is their anyone who will have (screendumps) information how to activate the HTTP port 80 correct in the 2.0.RC3 release ?

    Many regards,

    Eric - The Netherlands

  • On my firewall I setup a Port Forward to go to http port on server on OPTx interface - goto _Firewal_l -> NAT, click on Port Forward and add an entry.

  • Well if your port forward is setup correctly then the only other thing to check is that you have a firewall rule to allow the traffic from port 80 through to the webserver.
    The destination is the LAN IP address of the server and the source should be any (Assuming you want public access)

    You could also check your logs to see what is blocking the traffic.

  • Just need to create a NAT rule from where you want to access your Server (WAN-OPT) to where the server resides (LAN)

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