Ipfw-classifyd: unable to create in divert socket: No buffer space available

  • Hi,

    I have just changed my post totaly.  I had a problem with layer7 not getting it to work.  However I found that the problem is with ipfw-classifyd.  I get the message in the subject.  I am unable to get it started.  I have no clue where to searche…

    Maybe I am missing something.  I am using the build from yesterday and before I upgraded I had the one from August 3th!


  • how many layer7 filter do you have in a single rules?

  • Can you show a screenshot of Firewall->Traffic Shaper-> layer7 Rules

    Also the output of 'kldstat' command?

  • Hi,

    after my post I have been playing along and i reverted back to pfsense of August 3th.  ipfw-classifyd works on this build.

    However it is unusable as when I sent the traffic for HTTP through they layer7 group, ipfw-classifyd takes a lot of cpu and browsing the internet becomes sluggish.  I don't user the traffic shaper except layer7 which is used in a filter rule.

    Also skype and gtalk just keeps working.  (Msn not because it is blocked in squid).

    You can find my layer7 group attached.

    So maybe I am doing some things wrong… Not sure, maybe someone can put me in the right direction.  I have read a lot of posts and I am unable to find the answer.

  • Hi,

    i have createt two Layer7 rules. One for Video and one for Audio. I get the same message "No buffer sapce avaible". I have installed the 2.0 final. The machine has 4 gb ram.

    Anyone can help?

    Regards, Valle

  • Hi,

    I have the same exact Issue with 2.0.1: ipfw-classifyd: unable to create in divert socket: No buffer space available.
    Same kldstat output.

    any Idea ?

  • Hi,
    Eight moths later, I'm having the same issue with 2.0.1-RELEASE (i386), using just one layer7 rule (httpvideo), sending this traffic (mostly youtube) to a low priority queue.  I'm getting:

    ipfw-classifyd: unable to write to divert socket: No buffer space available

    …about 10 times per minute, with CPU load never reaching more than %20, and near 5% most of the time.
    I have 3GB ram, although it seems nothing to do with this problem.

    While seen these errors, the filtering seems to be working fine... and the queue is getting the expected traffic, but only after a while, when the entire VLAN will lost connection.  After removing the layer7 rule, everything works fine again.

    I have spent days and weeks searching and reading about this error, but I have found no solution yet.  If my cpu and memory are resting most of the time, why I'm still getting this error? what other system/kernel parameter I should look at?

    Thanks in advance....

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