Segfault after update + reboot

  • Just updated to Sep 2 snap, amd64 nanobsd. Update was successful, rebooted, reinstalled packages. Rebooted after about 15 minutes uptime and pfsense segfaulted, as seen on the console. No interfaces configured, in fact it appears the whole config was not loaded. Option 5 (reboot) segfaulted again and didn't reboot. Option 8 (shell) worked, and no system name was displayed, ie, the prompt looked something like "[2.0-RC3][root]/root:". From here I was able to view directory contents and reboot to the other (working) slice.

    Sorry, nothing more specific to report at this point, as this is all from memory and I needed to get back up and running. If I can reproduce it I'll save the whole console log and post here.

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