'Conditional' NAT

  • Is it possible to do any sort of conditional NAT traversal should a target LAN IP be unavailable for any reason.

    We run a web server in a virtual environment, I would like to set up a 'just in case' NAT to the 'host' box (i.e. the box on which the VM's run) to answer responses should the web server VM go down, to offer some sort of 'Sorry not available right now' page and fire an e-mail at the admin (me) to say the web server is down.

    (We run a Joomla CMS on Apache / MySQL under Fedora Core 16 so whether it is possible to run mirrored / load balanced web server with this configuration I have no idea, and no time to embark on the learning curve right now)

  • Services –> Loadbalancer
    Create a new pool of type server with behaviour failover. Add your main-server and your backup server.
    Save the pool and go to "virtual servers".
    Create a virtual server with your server-pool as destination.

    (You could also have only your main-server in the server pool and set the backup-server in the virtual server config as "Pool Down Server")

  • Many thanks, I'll have a play with that …

  • Failed, I can't add or select anything in the monitor field so saving fails (using V2.0 RC3 from August 4th).

    Tried in Opera, Firefox 6 and IE9 …

  • wow you've must desperate when used ie..

    can you provide any logs or screenshots of the problem?

  • IE - hell yeh desperate is the right word.

    Managed to resolve partly but now even normal NAT is broken, now considering a roll back, see my other thread http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,40618.0.html

  • Well i had no problems to create this pool and save it. I use```
    2.0-RC3 (i386) built on Wed Aug 10 19:18:17 EDT 2011

    Can you try to upgrade

  • In the process of doing just that …  ;)

  • Let us know how it went.
    going to spend some offline time(it's midnight over here)

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