Load Balancing / Relayd can not get working …

  • using 2.0-RC3  (i386) built on Mon Sep 5 04:07:51 EDT 2011

    Symptom, trying to configure an internal web server changeover, adding monitor, servers and pool seem to work OK but configuration pages always have a 'blank' line at the top that can not be edited or removed.

    relayd.conf as created from GUI interface of pFSense below

    log updates
    timeout 1000
    table <webpool1>{ retry 1 }
    table <webpool2>{ retry 1 }
    protocol "" {
    redirect "" {
     listen on  port
     forward to <> port  
    redirect "WebSite" {
     listen on port 80
     forward to <webpool1>port 80 check http '/'  code 200
     forward to <webpool2>port 80 check http '/'  code 200

    doesn't look valid to me - protocol missing ??, blank redirect …

    the command /usr/local/sbin/relayd -f /var/etc/relayd.conf results in

    /var/etc/relayd.conf:6: syntax error
    /var/etc/relayd.conf:8: syntax error

    i am assuming that the blank entry is the line 8 error (because it disappears if I remove the blank entry but line 6 isn't ...

    WebPool1 is the primary server pool. WebPool2 is the fallback / failure pool.

    The virtual server status is 'unknown - relayd not running?' but relayd is running and has a detectable processID.

    The system status log entry is

    php: /load_balancer_pool.php: The command '/usr/local/sbin/relayd -f /var/etc/relayd.conf' returned exit code '1', the output was '/var/etc/relayd.conf:6: syntax error /var/etc/relayd.conf:8: syntax error'</webpool2></webpool1></webpool2></webpool1>

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