How to edit a file permanently?

  • hi there
    I need to know if is there any way to modify file "/var/etc/lighty-
    CaptivePortal.conf" permanently

  • Start by asking if there is some other way to accomplish what you are after.

  • Hello
    I noted that iphone always verifies connectivity when tring to connect to a network.
    When the verification is negative it opens a login page and then you have to insert login and psw. then, after the autentication, a redirection url opens in a sort of pop up window that immediatly closes itself, while I'd need it to open in a traditional browser.
    to solve this issue, I need to create a file:
    /usr/local/captiveportal/library/test/success.html, but to open this file it is necessary that file /var/etc/lighty-CaptivePortal.conf doesn't include the following parameters:
    url.rewrite-once = ( "(.captiveportal.)" => "$1", "(.*)" => "/index.php?redirurl=$1" )

  • I do not think that will solve what you are after.
    Mostly will break other things.

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