VPN Interface

  • Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if pfSense had a package or perhaps something built-in that mimics the web / SSL VPN systems appliances like Juniper have? We have some clients who use these. You go to a URL and once you login an SSL is made. You then get links to servers you have access to. When you click these links they usually spawn an RDP client and you get to that server.

    is there anything in pfSense that can mimic this type of system? I am looking to simplify and streamline our corporate VPN and RDP access and this type of system would do just that.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, there isn't anything like that. You could look at running something like openvpn-als/adito on an internal box but AFAIK there isn't a good solid open source browser-based SSL VPN that is feasible to install on pfSense.

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