1 box as Balancer/Failover only 2nd box for Squid/Firewall/Traffic Shaping??

  • First,thank you guys for this great product..I've been dealing w/ this for several months already and I find it really powerful and effective.

    Here it is..My setup is powered by Pf 2.0 RC3-Latest snapshot,I have 4 wans (6Mb,2Mb,2Mb,2Mb) and a Lan for not so many clients.
    Load Balancing/Failover work great plus some packages installed like Snort,Nmap etc. Now, the only missing package that I'm craving to work flawlessly is the 'Squid' (Proxy Server) in a Load Balancing situation.

    I've been following the thread about Squid w/ Multiwan and it seems nobody ended up w/ a successful one.(Not so sure.Maybe at this time somebody got it working) but some claimed they got it w/ Failover.

    As my own solution..a fearless solution I guess for a newbie like me. I thought of having 2 pfsense boxes,1 as loadbalancer/failover only and the other as a firewall/Proxy/Traffic Shaper etc.
    So my question is, what are the issues I might encounter?for sure double nat'ing is expected. Well,Feel free to correct me and please let me know the right setup for Multiwan/Squid environment.Thanks.

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