Static routing

  • I have a very complicated scenario.

    My Internal network in
    The ip on the wan interface is 200.XX.XXX.98/26

    i have a set of server that have the following very comlicated configuration

    Linksys router:
    wan address: (yes on teh same subnet as the PF box)
    lan address: connected to a server (UNIX)
    router have static route LAN gateway

    i need to get my clientes through from the subnet to the LAN

    how do i do it?


  • how your wires go between routers

  • WAN interface goes to router
    LAN interface gose to switch
    other two interfaces to dsl models
    i have one interface left that i can sue for what ever

    turns out this "network" is using 132.x.x.x subnet…...

    i think i have a spoof proble with this internal network running on private ip address

  • I drawing of the network, with subnets, would help us a lot.

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