XMLRPC Sync and Description with parenthesis

  • Hi All!

    First of all:  thanks for a wonderful software!

    I want to fill in a small bug report:

    I'm testing pfSense now with a very complex configuration on amd64. (multiple networks 10+,  CARP sync, XMLRPC sync, Multigateway, VPNs, etc…)
    I've run in the next issue (not very important, just some makeup). I've a XMLRPC Sync enabled, and when I add a NAT rule in a primary router, in description I'm putting something like:
    "Redirect for server1 (CarP IP 1)"
    On the secondary router, I can see that a rule has synced ok, but the Description says:
    "Redirect for server1 CarP IP 1"
    The parenthesis has been removed from the description.

    That's all the issue for now :)

    Thanks again

  • Its a precaution taken to not break the config.
    Special characters are removed as part of this.

    It will be improved on later versions but for now this was the safest solution found.

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