Traffic shaping WAN/OPT1/LAN

  • Hi everybody.

    I use pfSense 2.0 RC3.
    i have a problem with my network.
    and that's it:
    i have a sattelite connection (WAN) with 1 Mbit/s with of course a very high latency ( about 800).
    and a dsl connection (OPT1) with 400 Kbit/s with a much lower latency.
    now i want to get the traffic like VoIP and webbrowsing over the OPT1 and
    the other stuff over the WAN.
    another thing is that the dsl is very unstable. that means it goes on and off all the time (bad provider :-[).

    How can i achieve that in the simplest way?
    i'm very new to this stuff. so please explain in a simple way ;).
    and if you wonder why i have a sattelite connection: i am in africa (Ndola) and until a while ago there was no other way than
    a sattelite connection for internet.

    i am very grateful for every reply.

  • try to look failover and loadbalance settings for your wan connection.
    and look also for policybased routing

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