Need help to finalize SLPPP setup

  • Hello,

    I've been trying to implement pfsense to my home network to use my 2 providers from the same LAN. However to do this, one of my providers needs Single-Link PPP. I have tried to do what this thread recommends but I feel I'm missing a few steps to finalize the setup. I'm rather new to pfsense so some terms and relations are kind of cloudy to me but I do work in networking so it's not all unknown to me.

    My setup:
    Alix 2d13
      OPT=Provider2 with SLPPP=vr2
    pfsense 2.0 RC3 (Embedded)

    So I have configured my LAN ( and haven't really configured WAN as I need a working OPT with SLPPP to consider configuring it and moving forward. So anyway, with that in mind, I set out to configure SLPPP using only one physical interface.

    First, I added the OPT interface to vr2. Then created VLAN999 on vr2 as well. I enabled VLAN999 and set it as static on and that's where I'm not sure. Should I enable and configure PPPoE on OPT or just skip the configuring part and go straight for the interfaces_ppps.php page? While configuring the SLPPP, I should take the OPT and VLAN999 as interfaces and leave vr2 untouched unless I misunderstood. After that, do I assign the newly created SLPPP bundle to the existing OPT interface or do I create a new interface?

    Let me know if you need more information and thanks in advance for the help.

  • You need two interfaces of some kind that you choose on the ppp page.  One will be an unused interface…  If adding a vlan to your chosen interface does not work you might try adding the vlan to the other wan interface...

    Too bad you cant just do an MLPPP connect with the provider that is giving you the SLPPP connection...

    Check the logs and look at the ppp log page.

  • Ok I have figured out what my mistake was. The PPP bundle I built was made of the VLAN + OPT when it should have been VLAN + vr2.

    So for anyone that somehow finds this thread while trying to do SLPPP here is what you need to do:

    -Assign your interfaces to VR (in my case, LAN = vr0 and WAN = vr2 temporarily).
    -Configure your LAN as you need.
    -Only enable WAN, do not configure anything yet.
    -Create VLAN and assign it to the WAN vr (that's how mine works).
    -Create an interface that uses the vlan you just create, activate and assign it a static IP that won't be used ( for me).
    -In the PPP tab, create the PPP bundle using the WAN vr (vr2) + the VLAN.
    -Back in the interface assignment, assign WAN to the new PPP bundle.

    That will bring everything up.

    The only thing left is that my VLAN is trying to connect and is generating useless logs:

    May 1 14:00:52 ppp: [opt1_link1] Link: reconnection attempt 1
    May 1 14:00:52 ppp: [opt1_link1] PPPoE: Connecting to '*'
    May 1 14:01:01 ppp: [opt1_link1] PPPoE connection timeout after 9 seconds
    May 1 14:01:01 ppp: [opt1_link1] Link: DOWN event
    May 1 14:01:01 ppp: [opt1_link1] LCP: Down event
    May 1 14:01:01 ppp: [opt1_link1] Link: reconnection attempt 2 in 4 seconds
    May 1 14:01:05 ppp: [opt1_link1] Link: reconnection attempt 2

    IS there anyway to keep the vlan interface from connecting or am I stuck with this?

    Anyway, thanks for making me notice there are logs for every module. Made me realize that the PPP wouldn't kick in and forced me to push the experimenting further.


    If you create a /conf/mpd_wan.conf file according to gnhb's instructions then you don't need the dummy interface and your ppp log file won't fill up.

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