Prevent Squid from Caching?

  • I'm using Squid for some things, but I don't want to use it for caching. What is the proper way to disable caching? For example, do I set "Hard Disk Cache Size" to 0?

    I'm using pfSense 1.2.3

  • You could set the "Cache Mgmt:->Hard disk cache system" to use "null" option.
    Then squid will only use ram for a small amount of temp storage.

    Then you could use no hdd space and still get content filtering to work, I think. (never tried it, with content filtering also installed)

  • Just curious, is what I'm trying to do not normal? As in "why the hell wouldn't you use caching"?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you use squidguard or some of squid's access control/limiting features, then it's definitely normal.

    It is very common to run squid with no caching (use the null cache option mentioned by Tikimotel) especially on ALIX if you just want to use squidguard for controlling web access.

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