Problems Installing pfSense from usb

  • Hello,

    I am trying to create a bootable usb that contains the pfSense installation, but nothing I try works and I was hopping that somebody can give me a hand. I have followed the below steps that I found in this forum as well as on the web.

    I downloaded the pfSense-1.2.3-RELEASE-LiveCD-Installer.iso from the pfSense website.

    Then I try the follow options:

    Option 1: I opened the iso file and copy its content to a usb and then used that usb to boot but It did not work.

    Option 2: I used unetbootin-eeeubuntu-windows-276 and the iso mentioned above to create the bootable usb. Again I try to boot from usb but it did not work.

    Option 3: I tried to use the win32diskimager but that did not work either.

    The operating system that I am using when trying to create the bootable usb is windows 7 64bit. My system can boot from usb and  I am selecting the usb as first boot. I get no error messages it just does not boot the installation probably because the bootable usb it has not been configured properly. I have try the options above on 2 different computers and none works.

    Any help appreciate will be very much appreciated.

    p.s What I am trying to do is boot from usb so  I can install the pfSense to harddrive.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Download the memstick image. Write to your USB drive. Boot.  ;D


    Edit: That links to the latest snapshot of 2.0 but use an older one if you wish. There is no memstick image for 1.2.3.

  • Thanks Steve.

    I downloaded the correct image you mentioned and then used the win32diskimager and that worked.

    Thanks a lot!

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