How to configure pfsense network

  • Hey,

    I'm new to pfsense. I would like to configure network where is only one public ip and few machines behind NAT. All of this machines should have access to the Internet. How should network look in this situation? What should I do to configure this kind of network in pfSense? I've read something that I should use virtual ip's but I don't know how and where it could be in the network structure.

  • If you're looking to NAT your clients behind a single public IP address then pfsense does this right out of the box without config changes.

  • Ok. So, I understand that I shouldn't make any changes in pfSense NAT configuration, should I? Here are settings of my pfSense router:

    • LAN:
    • WAN: 89...3
    • connected to two networks (LAN and external)

    I've got question: How should look virtual machines (, …) interfaces in LAN network? Which address should I use as their gateway? Maybe my network structure is not good, because I don't have Internet connections in LAN workstations?

  • There's nothing fancy about it - nothing different to any other networking. The default gateway is the directly connected IP address of the router, in your case The netmask will be Alternatively, just configure them for DHCP and let pfSense handle it.

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