Ipsec to network with multiple gateways

  • Hi,
    my network looks something like this: -  –--> (pfsense with ipsec) ----> internet -  ----> (pfsense without ipsec) ------> internet - -----> (pfsense without ipsec) ------> internet

    now my remote side connects to via ipsec with phase 1 and 2 identical on both sides.
    the remote side can access / connect / ping any of the machines in range - and visa versa but not to the other machines.

    jimp : you suggested adding additional phase 2 entries, i tried, but im not sure im doing it correct...do i add the other phase 2 entries to point to a          single address ?

    any other help will also be appreciated.


  • Hi, i think i found my answer by playing around a bit.

    My remote network is, i then added a route on –> route add -net
    then i could access the machines running through gateway

    i hope this might help someone else.


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