Captive Portal blocked all IPv6 traffic by default?

  • hi there,
    I am running 2.1-DEVELOPMENT (i386) built on Fri Sep 9 06:07:21 EDT 2011 and I have enabled both IPv6 and Captive Portal. But it seems that no IPv6 traffic can be passed pfSense gateway, even DHCPv6 in pfSense cannot supply IP address to clients. I tried to execute "ipfw -q add 00001 allow ipv6 from any to any" in command line and IPv6 can function well. So I am wondering if Captive Portal blocked all IPv6 traffic? Can we change this default action?
    P.S. : I know Captive Portal doesn't support IPv6 for the forward feature of ipfw cannot work under IPv6 environment, but maybe we can add a checkbox to allow administrator pass all IPv6 traffic via Captive Portal by default?
    P.S. : This is a known problem in monowall and they seems don't wanna change it.

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