Install on CF. want to use IDE internal HDD also - how?

  • Hiya,

    I have a watchguard firebox x500, a 2gb CF (compact flash) card and an 80gb hard drive.

    I already have pfsense running on the CF card, the firebox firewalling my internet connection and squid proxy server running successfully. (pfsense image pfSense-2.0-RC3-2g-i386-20110621-1821-nanobsd)

    I would like to move files that are written / changed alot, also the squid cache files and anything else you guys can recommend to the IDE hard drive to prevent premature exhaustion of the CF card.

    I am worried about performance dropping too much, but the priority is a:/ CF card read / writes and b/. space for log files, data, cache, etc. etc.

    please could someone tell me

    1/. which folders / partitions should be moved to the hard drive.
    2/. any settings within pfsense which may need changing
    3/. the best method / walkthrough or tutorial on how to do this. (step by step)


  • AFAIK, the nanobsd images write only the hopefully fairly static configuration files to CF.

    All the other things you are worried about are written to RAM disks, not the CF.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes you don't have to worry about the limited write cycles of your CF card (within reason) when you're using the NanoBSD image. It is specifically designed to avoid this.

    You don't have to worry about performance either since everything runs from ram. In fact the CF card is very slow compared to a HD since it doesn't use DMA.

    I believe that if you are using the squid package on a NanoBSD image it too runs it's cache only from ram (or it could be setup as non-caching I can't remember.  ::))

    Having said all that there are some threads about running your Squid cache and logging on a separate HD if your search the forum.


    Edit: Like here for instance:,36724.0.html

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