Static Routing / Bridging

  • I seem to have an issue with a wireless bridge (running Tomato firmware), where the DHCP requests from wired ethernet devices aren't getting passed onto the pfSense box.

    You can see a post I started here,40574.0.html, but my question for this post is is there a way to force the routing to make sure that those requests and in turn responses make it between the wireless bridge and the pfSense router?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    I moved to using Tomato firmware because I assumed this process of obtaining DHCP addresses for the wired devices would be easier, but it appears to be working the same way as my Linksys wireless bridge (WET200) where it only works if the wired devices have static addresses.

    Someone please help!! I really want to find a solution because I have a wired device (slingbox) that is very difficult to set to a static IP so it would be very nice to be able to have it obtain its IP via DHCP and have the pfSense box assign it a static DHCP lease so that I would always know what address the slingbox had.

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